A Team of friendly innovators.

Over the years we’ve grown from a small business, to NZ’s largest interior joinery solutions company with 90+ staff on the team. We continuously strive for the best – whether that means developing new skills, boosting the team’s know-how, or expanding our premises.

Keeping up with trends and developments in the industry isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.

Throw in an obsession for updating equipment and technology to be top of the range, and it’s no wonder we’re the top in the field for interior joinery.


We continue to focus on providing custom solutions to our customers’ varying needs. With over 90 staff, we have a wide pool of expertise to bring to the table and over 1500 years of combined experience in the industry..


Good communication is at the core of every successful project, in business life as well as personal life. It’s always important to listen carefully, and leave little room for grey areas.


You need to be able to visualise the future and its potential, in order to get to where you want to be. It’s essential to be adaptable, and to have the ability to respond creatively to the changing world around us.


The world’s most successful people and businesses have one thing in common: Reputation. It can make or break you. It’s important that people feel as though they can trust you, and that if anything goes wrong, it will be dealt with professionally and responsibly..


Gaining trust, connecting with others, and productive collaboration is central to the creative process, whether the project is large or small. It all hinges on building and maintaining good relationships.


Striking the balance between quality and time-delivery requires knowledgeable, capable professionals. There’s no way to shortcut this ability – it’s developed because it’s important.

Every space tells a story, and now you know ours, our team of friendly and agile innovators are ready to help you with yours

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