interior solutions for an evolving world

Working alongside architects, designers and construction companies, we enhance spaces with creative solutions.

Yes, we’re creative folks who keep up with the latest innovations to create breathtaking interiors, but we know that every room is far more than just a space.

Effective interiors suit the purpose of the space to the letter. We consider aesthetics as well as the mood and energy you want to achieve in your physical environment.

specialist joinerY

The finishing touches for your fit-out interior projects.

We’ll make your space unique and distinct with imaginative, artistic interior and exterior elements. We can create 3D structures, solid timber structures, facades, and solid surfaces.

This is where you can let your imagination run wild.

The stuff you know you want, but don’t have a clue how to make. We can help you with that. So much is possible with specialist joinery. We’ve made moulds for UOA race cars, statues for award ceremonies, 3D trees for airports, 3D solid timber in the Te Papa Treaty room, suspended ceilings, curved surfaces for counters – and even corian nappy change stations.


Whether it’s an entire campus; a building; or a single room, our well-equipped factory and talented team can scale projects great and small.

We’re able to take care of the job from running an expert eye over your drawing plans, to installation; our joinery expertise brings exactly what you need to the table.

We’ve brought retail, hospitality, commercial, and many more spaces to life with our tailored and innovative creations.


We design, build, and install kitchens and kitchen components, for group housing companies and main contractors with our dedicated kitchen team.


In our well-equipped factory, we’re perfectly set up to offer contract manufacturing for industry sectors such as office furniture, kitchens, bathroomware and wardrobes.

We supply to some of New Zealand’s largest, and most well-known brands, including Kitchen Studio, Vidak Commercial Office Furniture, Robertson Bathroomware, Elite Bathroomware and Boston Wardrobes.

If you’ve been imagining your space transformed, why not say hello?

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