TV Wall and Bar

Congratulations on completing another project team Greenmount! The TV wall with American White Oak Battons against a black LPL panel creates a visually striking contrast. The use of Acrymatte Eclipse with matching edging for the cabinet finish and bar unit adds a sleek and modern touch. The 40mm Bench in aged copper with a waxed finish provides a unique and elegant feature for the bar area.

The bar shelving, featuring American White Oak Veneer stained with a clear finish, adds warmth and natural beauty to the space. The 25mm square mild steel frame provides a sturdy and industrial element to the shelving design. It seems like a well-thought-out combination of materials and finishes.

The project was designed by Philippa from Trinity Interiors and installed by Senior Installer Jason. It’s important to have experienced professionals involved in bringing the vision to life.
Overall, it creates a sophisticated and stylish result to met or exceeds your expectations! #interiors #trinity #design

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