8 Tangihua Street, Auckland


 The renovation of 8 Tangihua Street has been a great success and has added considerable value to the building. The improved main entry and lift lobby, along with the common areas and café, will provide a welcoming and functional space for both tenants and visitors. The enhanced circulation and visual links from Tangihua Street to the surrounding laneways is a great feature, making the building more accessible and visible to the community.

The use of timber feature battens throughout the area is a smart choice, as timber is a natural material that adds warmth and character to any space. Greenmount was responsible for the supply and installation of the timber feature battens, as this shows the level of care and attention to detail that was taken during the renovation process. Overall, it sounds like the renovation has transformed 8 Tangihua Street into a thriving hub of activity and a sought-after location for those looking for quality, convenient and accessible.


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